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HRM and leadership 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

HRM and leadership 1 - Essay ExampleThe union employees many workers, in 2012, it was estimated that he fraternity had about 81,223 employees worldwide. The clubs revenue stands at ?9,934.3 billion, the operating income for the factory also stands at ?746.5 million with a profit of ?489.6 million (Kluwer 2006, p.52). Under the management, the companys chairperson is Robert Swannell and the CEO is Marc Bolland, with over one thousand stores around the world. It allow be appreciated the company has a daunting task to control that the employees be recruited in the best ways and that they select top of the list candidates, despite the diverse political, economic, and social factors. The company has endeavoured to ensure that maintain their niche in the market and that their customers remains happy with their services as well as the management of the company (Kluwer 2006, p.71). The human resource department in the company is and then keen in ensuring that the policies of the compa ny are met and that their esteem customers are also given the best of services. This is part of what has made the company to grow and became an international company with overwhelming customers all over the world. ... r to achieve this, the company should be creative and innovative o how they relate with the employees, they should establish a system that is open, flexible, and caring, this will enable the employees to feel that they are part of the management and they would tend to take responsibility, this is particularly important for the company. When the employees are contented with the work place, they tend to be more productive and the only way to ensure that they become productive is to ensure that their well-being is catered for in the workplace. Good HRM practices are essential in leading a department to achieve their objectives and for productiveness enhancement. Marks and Spence is one of the international companies that have adopted several unique HRM practice in order to realize productivity through employees motivation. The practices that are offered by M&S are responsible for the companys employees contention with their work place and are not always shopping for the next company for engagement. The company has organized a strong sense of HRM practices that unlike other companies that will be experiencing infiltrate of employees, M&S do not experience such movement given the nature of the environment they have created for their employees. When employees are not contented with the on the job(p) place because of poor HRM practices, it will be rare to find employees growing together with an organization as is the case with M&S. Below are nearly of the practice that have been employed M&S in order to come up with a highly motivated and productive team guide Environment One of the most important aspect for motivating employees that M&S has been working on since is the type of environment that there employees operates in. they realized that employ ees ineluctably a safe and a happy

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